Primary zoo Collection "18


The Primary Zoo collection is an art collection created by Abidoe. This collection emphasizes expressive portraits of our worlds marvelous animals, mixed with visual experiences through colors. The collection contains a series of products and artifacts that will educate the audience with history of specific animals, make one to be aware of how one can help decline the extinction rates and open new perspectives on what our world has to offer. On the other side of the collection is the entertainment of the eye. With art we can expand our creativity and help us break our mundane cycle. Through this collection Abidoe is, sharing his talents to visually engage ones mind.


Paintings, Prints, Shirts, Goodie bags, Stickers,/Merchandise, animal figures.


Color effects, Moment in time, music, live animals, networking.


Documentary, Color Theory, Animal Awareness, Brand Identity.


Small to Medium Sized Prints, Medium to large acrylic mixed media canvas paintings. 


                                     "Butterfly Effect" 3 Piece Set                                                         12x12in

                                     "Butterfly Effect" 3 Piece Set


"Tree Frog Untitled"

"Tree Frog Untitled"

"Butterfly Effect Set"  3 piece Set 12x12in  Matte Archival paper

"Butterfly Effect Set"

3 piece Set 12x12in  Matte Archival paper

"Birds of paradise" 24x 48in Canvas

"Birds of paradise" 24x 48in Canvas

"We Are Apex"

"We Are Apex"

"Zebra Untitled"  24x24in

"Zebra Untitled"



"Macaw Splash"