the "ARTIST"



A Maryland native, Abiola Fapohunda was born to Nigerian parents who immigrated to the US in the 80s. As a child I was fascinated with creativity, the idea of the production of "Good Works",  I adored the process of experiencing art and developing my eye for good design, so much that I naturally decided to make it my profession. Much of my early works was guided by experimentations, figuring out what works, what emotions are shared, what connects, and what sells. By the time of my second year college, I was providing visual talents for businesses, working projects, events, and birthed a distinct style that stimulates the eye. Through the years I have been studying and learning from great mentors, collaborating with like minded individuals and implementing ideas of the 21st century.  My responsibility as an visual artist is to empower through creativity: I am trying in my own way to encourage self-empowerment in people, to encourage people to leverage the skills they have to build and create sustainable wealth with their individuality.

the "BRAND"


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Abidoe is a visual representation of empowerment through creativity. Abidoe is a company that produces visual designs, specializing in digital design and brand development. With several years of providing, artifacts and graphic design services, the company has created a standard for itself. A standard of producing work that is an extension of the individual. Currently working on a project basis, the company can help fully unlock the intent of clients, by leveraging our professional expertise and creative edge. The brands crown icon, represents uncommon wealth, through Abidoe you can own your kingdom, by being the king & queen that you truly are.