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Founded by  Abiola Fapohunda in 2013, Abidoe is one of the most respected artistic and design firms in the world.


Abiola is a creative individual, that’s constantly working on reaching his full potential. Abi's work explores the vast space between physical and digital imagery which is used to impact, connect and bring a nostalgic emotion to his audience.


Abi has many years of professionally developing in the visual design space, along- side experience in working with marketing. Through the years, Abi has produced many works that has been used to stimulate the viewer’s attention, market to enhance sales, and create compelling storytelling using visuals to relate his audience.


Through the years Abi has provided his creative capabilities to companies, teams, galleries, brands entrepreneurs influencers, shows, events and collectors from all around the Globe. 



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  • Serious Inquires only
  • Abidoe has a no nonsense policy 
  • Provide visuals and descriptive ideas
  • No weird hours
  • Lets over achieve

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Produced consistent engaging graphics,
continuing to enhance creativity. 
-Developed different techniques to create, a
recognizable style to connect with audience.
-Created Brand awareness, Build a social
presence, online as well as in person. 
-Succeeded in marketing campaigns to sell out,
Merchandise for multiple seasons.

Design and maintained visual identity for all 32 SPZN Elite store locations.
-Produced/Printed - Graphics, newsletters, banners, in-store sign-age, lifestyle and product -photography, and other creative materials for promos, advertising, in addition to daily content.
-Developed successful marketing campaigns to increase brand awareness while increasing traffic to socials media.

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